How To Build Muscle Fast For Men

Let’s face it, people lift weights to build better, more attractive-looking bodies, but what “better” is can be relative. For one group of muscle-building devotees, the name of the game is muscle building as much bulk as possible in minimal time.

Today let’s focus on how to build muscle fast for men. Although bulking up is something that some men can do more easily than others, it is a goal that is attainable for nearly every man on the planet. Without further ado, let’s discuss the best way to build muscle and how to build some serious mass.

If you truly want to increase muscle mass, lifting weights is the best way to do that. Of course there are other ways to grow new muscle tissue (calisthenic exercises are a fine example) but lifting weights can be an invaluable, time-effective solution for greater gains.

The key to building thicker bulkier muscles is to increase the loads that you are lifting. As a general rule, try to determine your maximum lift for a particular exercise. During your working sets (the most intense part of your workout) lift 75%-85% of that weight. For example, if your bench press max is 400 pounds. You don’t have to lift 400 pounds everyday, but for size you want to try to lift between 300 and 340 pounds during your working sets.

Always try to maintain good form, no matter how many pounds you’re pumping. Improper technique not only takes the emphasis off the muscles that you SHOULD be using it, can lead to serious injury.

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Watch your reps! When lifting for size, it is not uncommon to only be able to lift the weight five or six repetitions, a true five or six times. This doesn’t imply setting the weight down just because you’ve reached your sixth rep. This means reps five and six should HONESTLY be hard to do . If you’ve been lifting a weight for five to six reps, when you’re capable of lifting it ten times, you might be shortchanging yourself. When reps five and six get too easy for you, it’s time to up the weight. Consistently pushing your muscles further will result in greater gains in less time.

Plan your workouts around your goals. Focus on those exercises that are going to employ your biggest muscles. Think about it. When you see a guy that looks truly massive, which muscles really stand out? The chest, the back, the thighs (quads), the arms, the shoulders, and the calves. Use exercises that really “load up” these muscles: bench press, the row, the squat, the curl & triceps press, the behind-the-neck press, and the calf raise. Focusing on these exercises will help to laser target your workouts to achieve exactly what you want, mass.

This has been an overview of muscle building and some of the most important factors in how to build muscle fast for men. If you’re looking for more a more detailed program on how bulk up, click here.